Size: 120x120 cm

Canvas, mixed technique

Style: Symbolism

Year of creation: 2015


Painting on a stretcher, not framed. Can be removed from the frame if necessary. The sides of the picture are painted. It is possible to order a reproduction. The painting symbolises peace and harmony on Earth. Contradicting to a universal belief that angels never sleep, the picture depicts a sleeping Angel of the Earth. He is not sleeping in the sky in the clouds but in a cozy nest which represents, in this case, the beautiful earthly nature. The Angel has finally found a place of rest for himself, because he knows that the world has reached perfection and no danger can threaten it. At the same time, he has not left the Earth, instead he is observing the peace of the world in his sleep. Floral patterns are used in the painting to symbolise the flora of the Earth and the vitality of the world. The spiral is a symbol of the universe, infinity, the cyclical nature of life. It can be discerned in the pattern of the golden-green branches.