Size: 70x100 cm
mixed technique
Style: Symbolism
Year of creation: 2015


Painting on a stretcher, not framed. If necessary, can be removed from the stretcher. The sides of the picture are painted. It is possible to order a reproduction. The picture symbolises the transition from a flat 2-dimensional world to the real-life world. People tend to live very limited lives, as if their entire life is enclosed in some kind of a framework. They go with the flow and do not notice how boring and monotonous their life is. But at some point, they suddenly "wake up". A major transformation begins inside. People become courageous and change their lives for the better. They change their jobs, their social circle, their frame of reference, their reality and break free from their past flat world, their previous limited life. They transform their reality, expand and enrich their lives. Since ancient times the hawk has been a symbol of the God of the Sun, representing the heavens, strength, and speed, a royal origin. It is believed that to see a hawk circling in the sky is a sign of a great change in life.