Size: 80x80 cm

Canvas, mixed technique

Style: Symbolism

Year of creation: 2018

Painting on a stretcher, framed. The sides of the picture are decorated with paint. It is possible to order a reproduction. "Horse of horses, crown in the sky..." as the band Melnitsa calls him in their song "The Sun Horse". The writer Irina Shishkova beautifully described his image in a touching story "The Sun Horse". The horse is a very powerful symbol and in many cultures it symbolises intelligence, wisdom, nobility, light, dynamic force, agility, quick thinking, the flight of time. It is a common symbol of fertility, courage, and power. For the ancient Slavs, a white horse was a symbol of the rising sun. Our ancestors turned to the sun and its embodiment as a horse to seek protection from evil and dark forces, fertility and prosperity. As a symbol of the sun or sun god, the horse gradually became an attribute of royalty. The sun horse is a symbol of fertility and abundance, brings good luck and happiness, protects from evil spirits and evil people. Also, the sun horse has always been an excellent amulet for men. Women used to make it from wicker, straw and cloth and give them to men, wishing them to be lucky, victorious and always "on horseback". The ornament consists of ancient Slavonic symbols of protection and happiness. The spiral, which can be traced in the lines in the picture, is a symbol of creative power, a symbol of the universe and the principle of all creation. The golden colour symbolizes solar energy, but it is also a symbol of the light of the higher powers, providing support and protection.