Size: 100x100 cm
Materials: mixed technique, canvas
Style: Symbolism
Year of creation: 2016


Painting on a stretcher, not framed. It can be removed from the frame if necessary. The sides of the picture are painted. It is possible to order a reproduction. The painting symbolises Motherhood. The strongest, incomparable feeling that a mother has for her child. The softest tenderness, the greatest strength, the deepest love, and magic fill the aura of a mother and her child. The deep and delicate colours, and the floral pattern symbolise the blossoming and unfolding femininity and the deepest tenderness of a mother. The discovery of the infinitely vast world of love and the depth of life is vividly emphasised in the line pattern and ornamentation that are beautifully arranged in the Spiral, a symbol of the universe and infinity. The golden colour in the painting symbolises the light of the sun and the light of the higher forces that guard this precious feeling - the feeling of Motherhood.