Size: 76x76 cm

Materials: Canvas, acrylic

Style: Symbolism

Year of creation: 2018


Painting on a stretcher, framed. If necessary, it can be removed from the stretcher. The sides of the picture are painted. It is possible to order a reproduction. The painting tells about a fair-haired girl dancing a magic dance, begging the heavens to send rain to the earth. The girl is not praying for an ordinary rain, she is begging for the rain, every drop of which contains a sea of love. The times have come when people's hearts have hardened and they have forgotten that it is necessary to live in love. Life is love, love is life. She is dancing and beating a tambourine following an ancient shamanic ritual in the hope that the gods will hear her and send a magic rain down on earth to shower love onto every living thing. The objects on the painting are arranged in a spiral. The spiral is a symbol of creation, universe, and infinity. The floral pattern represents vitality. The golden colour symbolises the energy of the sun and the patronage of the higher forces.